Friday, 23 June 2017

Ayan, five freedoms

Hi ill be talking about the five freedoms the first one I'll be talking about is food and water animals we'll need this so they don't starve to death oh did I tell you that you we'll never be able too get a new pet or animal. Also some times you get a fine.The next freedom is helth it is to all ways taking care your animal and take it to the vet when they are sick or very badly hert.The next freedom is comfort animals need a nice place to live and sleep so the animal is not uncomfortable.The last freedom is care you need to love your animal and do not hit it but all ways take very good care of you pet and other animals.

The five freedoms

I want others to make a difference to animals and why I want to make a difference is because I want animals to live life to the fullest. I am encouraging people by telling them what they should do.          

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Vansh's 5 freedoms

If you're going to watch this video it will tell you about the 5 freedoms.

The five freedoms Madison

This term we learnt about the five freedoms. I will try to help other people learn about the five freedoms so if they ever get a pet they will be prepared on how to treat their pet. I will encourage people to learn the five freedoms by explaining what they mean and why they are important.

Freddy's 5 freedoms video

My video will show you how to look after your dog and how to treat them.

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The five important freedoms for animals

Hi, this term my class has been learning about how to make a difference with animals. I have presented a poster that shows what are the 5 freedoms and why we need to use it. So hope you enjoy it!😄

Why the five freedoms are very important Wendy

This term we are learning about the five freedoms. I want people to learn about the five freedoms because they are important to pets and think about. I want to encourage people about the five freedoms and why are they important to pets and other animals too and explaining the five freedoms to people around the world and in the community too.